Water bottle light converter


Combi is an accessory that turns your water bottle into a light. Campers and hikers all know the struggle of having to carry too many items while being in the great outdoors. To help eliminate the burden, Combi is an accessory that combines two products into one. With the Combi water bottle cover, your bottle is both a water and a light source.


Fall 2016


Design, Lighting

water bottle vs. accessory?

My initial design started off as a new high tech hiking bottle that had a built in light function. I eventually went in a different direction, and decided to design an accessory that you could add on to your bottle instead. I realized that this would be a more marketable product.

Made for the Camelbak Eddy...

Combi is made as an add-on for the Camelbak Eddy, one of the most popular hiking + outdoor water bottles on the market. Combi can be put on the shelves as an optional accessory for the Eddy, making it more affordable as a separately sold object, and allowing the user to use the cover when needed.

...and it fits like a glove

Although Combi uses precise measurements to fit the Eddy, the cover comes with an adjustable feature to ensure it is securely fit onto the bottle. The adjustment also loosens the cover when it's time to take it off.